International Workers List

The following International Master List of Workers is quite incomplete with many missing names as it has been compiled from lists of workers in various countries and has not been updated in recent years. CODES and examples: cTX = Texas convention speaker cTX-1953 = Texas convention speaker in 1953 1975> = year starting in the work (1902-1975) = years of birth and death +Joe Brown = married to Joe Brown 1987 = in the work in 1987 AB-1987 = in the work in Alberta in 1987 AB-1987'95 = in the work in Alberta in 1987 and 1995, intervening years not specified AB-1987'95 AZ’90'91 = in the work as above, plus in Arizona in 1990 and 1991 AB-1987'95 AZ’90'91 ‘99 = in the work as above, plus in unspecified field in 1999

AB-1987'95 AZ’90'91 ‘02 = same entry as above, with a known later date in an unspecified field

AB-1987'95 AZ’90'91 cCA’03 = same entry as above, with a convention speaker notation for 2003

ON/QC-1978'81 = in the work in Ontario and Quebec, which are jointly administered

Marit = Maritime Provinces - includes NB, NS, and PE

CAmer = Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize, and Honduras

Carib = islands of the Lesser Antilles

Peru/Aust-1986'90 = worker in a foreign country – Peru and/or Australia in 1986 and 1990

CHRISTIE, Emily (Wilson) = Emily Wilson, married name Emily Christie

CHOI, Won (b) - IL China-1986'92 = went into the work in Illinois, date uncertain

Carol/Carla = known in some fields as Carol, in others as Carla

Country Abbreviations are listed at the end of this document

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